Control the condition of the soil on your farm from your phone

When and how much to irrigate?

How are my crops feeding?

How is my soil?

Access all the information about your crops' soil through our platform:

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Forget about your traditional moisture tensiometer and start the digital transformation of your farm with the new WiKit

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WiKit Basic

  • With tensiometers or sensors for soil moisture
  • With temperature and humidity sensor and VPD (vapour pressure deficit) measurement

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WiKit Plus

  • With tensiometers or sensors for soil moisture and electricity conductivity (EC)
  • With soil moisture and temperature/humidity tensiometers or sensors and VPD measurement

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WiKit Pro

  • With tensiometers or sensors for soil moisture, electricity conductivity (EC) and with temperature/humidity and VPD measurement.

User license, connectivity and maintenance

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Improve the quality of your harvest

Make quick and accurate decisions

Wikit processes the soil information from your farm in real time, thanks to the mobile app you can find out its condition at any time, from wherever you are.

Available on iPhone and Android.

In-house technology

Do it yourself

You can now install your own Wikit and start to enjoy our technology

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Do-it yourself

You can install it in just a few minutes and start to receive information about your soil.

WiKit installation

Once it is installed, you are ready to work independently. Now you can access our videos.

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Guarantee from precision farming specialists

At Wise Agrotecnología, we offer you all our knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years to provide the best studies of soil and crops.

100% satisfied farmers

Continuous control of the indicators to create the ideal crop conditions and avoid unnecessary stress, optimising the use of the plant's energy to generate the most production and the best quality.

I have a completely automated system, irrigation on demand, only what the plant asks for and when it needs it. The results have been great. We save water and fertiliser and the plant is healthier and is stress-free"

Paco Pérez Rodríguez
Paco Pérez Rodríguez, Farmer

The ground is like a sponge, if you give it too much water, it leaks and it goes to waste. In this case, at Wise, we ensure that the water is not lost below ground because only the water that is needed is given"

Juan Gabriel Navarro
Juan Gabriel Navarro, Farmer
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Professional analysis

The device's integrated analysis capacity benefits not only the farmers but also the technicians and the businesses who carry out activities during the harvest, to ensure the quality of the fruit and the maximum durability of the plant.

Save time by consulting information from your harvest from anywhere, reduce the travel costs without missing a detail.

Your information is always available

Save the data that your device intelligently collects. It will always be available from our platform so that you can get to know the evolution of your soil throughout crop year.

Make the best decisions based on a more profound and exact understanding of your soil.

You won't miss a single detail

With Wikit you will be able to programme alerts so that you are notified each time that your soil settings do not coincide with the development of the plant.