Save water and increase production by controlling your crop's soil.

With WiKit you will be able to achieve an efficient and stable irrigation and verify in real time if the humidity of your crop's soil is adequate, saving time, money and natural resources thanks for the integrated analysis platform.

Avoid unnecessary trips to consult the state of your farm thanks for the measures, reports and alerts that will always be at your disposition via our online platform and our mobile app.

At any time and from anywhere, you will never miss a detail of what is happening with your soil on your farm so you will always be able to make the best irrigation decisions.

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We carry out the most comprehensive soil analysis

How do I collect a soil sample?

Obtain the most accurate information thanks to the personalised analysis of your soil in our laboratory to find out the appropriate working ranges for watering necessary for the plant and therefore offering more exact and real measurements, taking advantage of the full potential of the most cutting-edge measurement technology.